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Silent wisdom, beauty, elegance...  

She's at peace now, and although we'll miss her so. I guess her work on earth was done, and God said, "Arlene, it's time to go."  It's Tatay’s turn to have her now, to share her love, her smile.  The only comfort is knowing that we'll all be with them in awhile.  But we sure did told her to save a spot for us.

She loved us all, we know she did, she is our peace keeper in our family.  Arlene has her ways of doing things and getting them done on her way.  We are all here together, for each other, even we so far apart.  She, once again, has brought us closer, made us see how life's too short.  I'm so glad  that our sister Alma and &  got to see her and spend time with her in the last few days of her life. 
We're tired of hurting, God, please help us understand you.  They say you take the good ones to help you with your plan.  If you needed her to get you organized, we all know she can.

She's gone now I know she is, but I still feel she's all around us.  I missed her laugh, her voice, and her smile.  She’s our angel now and she is watching from above.  When you are outside on a sunny day, and feel the sun on your face.  Know that the warmth you feel is the smile of our sister.  We are here for one another, we need all of you and your support.
Oh God!  I missed her so much. 


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Our memories of our dearest Arlene lives on "forever!"

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