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Our Sister and Guardian Angel / From Us

A sisters love is something I was blessed to have.
A sisters bond is so strong,
that not even in death can it be broken.
Lenlen, its almost a year that u passed away,
stills seems like yesterday to me.
Some days are better than others,
but tonight as I sit here
I can't stop the tears from falling down my face.
I miss you so very very much.
I just want you to know
that you always were & will always be
the wind beneath my wings.
We all miss you Ellie.
Luv u always,
Your sisters,

Ate Rue, Begie, Alma, & Ahira

Our Precious Sister / ATe Ghe

Sometimes I still hear the sound of your voice.
I wish you were still here with us, but you had no choice.
I know an Angel held you as your body said goodbye.
But that doesn’t stop my heart from breaking.....
........“I miss you and I cry”.
No one can believe that you are really gone,
Our hearts are broken and our spirits moan.
“She was to young”, I’ve heard people say,
“Why did she, have to die this way?”
I try not to be anger, I kneel and I pray,
Asking God to be with us, as we face each day.
 I understand everyone's emptiness and their sorrow too,
Because, “My precious sister..... we all miss you“.
I know you are happy in Heaven above,
Surrounded by the Angels and all their love.
But today on earth, my heart still grieves,
Because you are no longer here to talk with me”.
I will look toward Heaven, for I know I will see
A Star that will suddenly glow big and bright,
It will be my sister smiling....
..... and watching over us.

The Cross We Bear / Ate Ghe(Sister)
Lord, We Come To You
With Our Humble Prayer
Asking You For Strength
For This Cross We Bear
It’s Been A Year Since

We Have Lost Our Precious Sister
Our Hearts Are Broken
And We Need You To Keep Us
In The Shelter Of Your Arms
To Lead Us, Guide Us
And Carry Us Through
As We Say Farewell
To Our Precious Sister
Let Our Hearts Be At Peace
Knowing She  Is In Heaven With You
And One More Thing,
Before Our Prayer Is Through
Thank You For A Sister
Whose Love Was Loyal And True.

greetings / mario amoyo(husband)
Our Guardian Angel / From your Sisters
Angel Gone Home
God has called you home,
To be with him on high.
To be with his other Angels,
To soar across the sky.

The lives you've touched will cherish,
The memories of your gentle heart.
Knowing, but not understanding, why
You had to part.
We'll miss your sunshine smile
But knowing all the while
That you'll be there to greet us
When we walk our last mile.

The Heavens have a brighter light,
Because you're glowing there.
Free, from this world, with no burdens Left to bear. 
You reached out to others with tender Loving care.

But God has called you home,
Because, he missed you there.

With all our love and prayers

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